Little Happy Things No. 8

(via Pinterest...and I have one of those boys!)

We've been busy working on the bookshelves lately, and I'm finally about to start painting them! And I've been working on designing logos and packaging for a friend that I can't wait to share with you! For now, here are some happy things. :)

::In blog news, I got an email from an Elle Sweden DIY blogger about featuring my chalkboard jar lids on their blog! It's in Swedish but after running it through a translator it basically says "Like many others I have my spice jars standing in a kitchen drawer by the stove. It's clever, especially when you have to lift every jar to see what it is or, my personal favorite, overturn any order to see the contents ...
Or do you do as Jordan Boesch and paint with griffeltavelfärg [apparently "chalkboard paint" doesn't translate!] on the lids and write what kind of spice in the jar! Simplicity at its best." So fun!

::Both of the boys are pretty much completely potty trained! It took a long time and it's definitely not fun, but it's great not having to change diapers!!! And way cheaper!

::Getting to work on designing for a friend and being able to deliver exactly what she wanted!

::I'm working on getting my Etsy shop back up and running! It's going to take a little while to get it going again but I'm slowly listing items!

::As I said, our bookshelves are closer to being done...I just have to paint paint paint! We even got the ceiling light and it is gorgeous if I can say so myself! I really can't wait to fill all the shelves with our 10ish boxes of books...and get our dining room back! ;) 

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