DIY // Chalkboard Paint Labels

If you know me, you know I LOVE chalkboard paint. If the apartment we live in wasn't a rental, I would totally paint a whole wall in my kitchen with it, and maybe even the boys' room. Since I can't do that, I did the next best thing and painted my fridge. It's great for writing menus on, and for keeping the boys busy while I do dishes. 

(the top left picture is this week's menu)

It was really easy to do. You have to sand the fridge like crazy, and it would be really easy if you can take your fridge outside and power sand it. You want to get all the smooth shiny texture off. Then you paint three or four coats of chalkboard paint on it. I just did the front of my fridge, because it's wedged in the extra-small fridge spot and won't be coming out until we move. (Fridge width: 30" - Fridge hole width: 30 1/4") I probably could have painted it with primer, but I didn't really think it needed it, and it's held up fine. Before you use the chalkboard, you let it dry for 24 hours, then "season" it by rubbing chalk over the entire surface, then wiping it off. That's so whatever you write on it wipes off and doesn't leave a mark behind. 

I got the idea to use the leftover paint (a half a can!) on my spice jars. I use mason jars for my spices since I buy them in bulk, and instead of throwing away "used" lids after canning (once the seal is popped, you can't re-can with the lids), those are what I use for my spices. Again, it's pretty easy to do. Paint a really thin layer of paint, and be sure not to leave any thick streaks of paint. I just used a small paintbrush. You don't even need to take the lids off the jars! The first coat won't be thick and you'll see right through it. After that, paint 4 or 5 more thin coats, letting it dry between each one. Mine took five. Once it's really dry (I didn't wait 24 hours, because it's just spice lids, and the paint is only about as thick as one coat done with a roller), season it with chalk and you're good to go! 

(you can paint other lids from saved jars as well!)

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4 Responses to “DIY // Chalkboard Paint Labels”

Lydia said...

Love the spice jar idea!

Jordan Boesch said...

Thanks Lydia!

Jo's Mom said...

Really neat idea, Jo! Every time I see something done with chalkboard paint, I think of you! Love ya!

Mom :-)

Katja/ Neovia house said...

Nice ideas! I love chalkboard-ideas too - and now I have found chalkboard stickers, which makes the whole thing a lot easier. I have used it on boxes, and on doors, and now next I will cover up the fridge door with it - great of writing the weeks menu, and recipes, just like you said!
example here: