Spring in SoCal!

It's finally getting to be spring here! Beautiful weather, right in the 80s with a great breeze and flowers popping up! I still haven't seen a "real" California poppy yet (meaning no one had to plant the thing, it popped up on its own) but hopefully I still can. Jack likes to be outside and his playpen from my Mom and Dad (it just came, about an hour after I talked to you!)...he's decided that it's pretty cool.

Luke and I visited the local library yesterday. Wow, it's a nice library! The cooking and sewing sections are really nice too, and I loaded up on new cookbooks. I just finished looking through one called "Chocolate & Zucchini" by a lady from France, and it had a few recipes I liked. She has a website too. So anyways, we like the library, and next time, Luke wants me to get more chocolate cookbooks. ;)

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2 Responses to “Spring in SoCal!”

Jo's Mama said...

Oh I'm so glad it got there! Now you won't have to worry about acrobatic escape plans!

Speaking of escaping prisoners... it's not PC anymore to call them "play pens." (I guess it has criminal undertones?) They're now officially called play "yards." I thought that was interesting when ordering, and then showed Dad which play*PEN* we bought Jack.

Love ya lots!
Mom :-)

TorAa said...

I'm impressed - Excellent Photo