Three thousand, three hundred and eighty-eight. That's a pretty big number, isn't it? I think so. Especially when you consider that each of those represents a tiny quilt piece, and between myself, mom, Kate, and a bunch of other wonderful ladies that helped back in November, my quilt squares are finally finished! The next step is to sew them all together (all 121 blocks!) and pretty soon we'll have a finished quilt! I'll be sure and take pictures when it's sewn together!

The task I've set out to do today is write a few lessons for a new class I'll be teaching, on essay-writing. (I promise, it'll be done soon, Miss Beth!) So far, it's coming good and I've been pretty writing-motivated today. So I'm heading back to that now, right after I go stop Lissie (my cat) from emptying the contents of the bathroom trash (again). :P

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