God's Wonderful Provision ...and LOTS of surprises!

God certainly does provide for His children...even for things we don't really "need." :) I was reminded of this once again, when He made it possible to buy the wedding dress of my dreams! I thought I'd share the story with y'all! :)

My mom, sister, grandmother and great-grandmother all came with me to shop for my wedding dress, and I searched high and low for "just the right gown." I found one I liked a lot at the first store, but decided to try another store before making a final decision. The first gown I saw when I went in was perfect for me, and was the prettiest I'd seen all day. I knew I wanted it...but there was just one problem...it was $518. After trying it on, I wanted it even more, but didn't want to pay that much for the gown. I found another one from the clearance which I sort of liked, and we decided to go to dinner and think all the dresses over. We asked the lady at the counter to please hold the two dresses, and as she was writing them down, she turned to us and said that the gown I really loved was actually supposed to be on clearance! The price was actually just $99! We looked at each other and immediately said "We'll take it!"

God truly does provide!

As for the surprises...this past Sunday, the guys headed over to Lowe's because they "had" to get some tools, and we girls had to stop by Sara and Miss Beth's house after church to get some of Sara's measurements...and boy was I ever surprised! They had been planning a surprise bridal shower for me! Luke and I received many wonderful things to add to our home, and I have a bunch of new recipes to try! All the ladies also brought a spice for my spice cupboard, and Luke got his fair share of pepper. ;) They had lots of games planned, creating dazzling wedding fashions out of toilet paper happened to be one of them...

The other surprise I had this week was on Tuesday! Kate planned a quilting party for me, to help finish the quilt I've been making for Luke and I. Everyone started showing up with their sewing machines and ironing boards, and we had a grand time sewing LOTS of blocks together! I think the final count was 70 finished blocks, and 10 more in process! A big thank you to all the ladies that helped with both surprises! :)

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2 Responses to “God's Wonderful Provision ...and LOTS of surprises!”

Holly said...

Looks like such fun!
God's so amazing. :D
Hope everything's going well for both of you. :)

Lyds said...

Wow, God is so good! I can’t wait to see a picture of your in your dress! ;-)

Aww, that sounds like so much fun! I wish we had quilting parties out here.