Luke has been working all weekend and has to work the rest of the week. But even though he’s been away a lot of the week, he’s spoiled me just like he always does. :) On his last day off, he took me to the movies, and let me escape for a few hours to go thrifting and bargain hunting. He got me a new bathing suit when we were out grocery shopping, and on Saturday, he called me from work, telling me I’d never believe it, but he had gotten me a kitten. I thought he was joking, since he’s not overly fond of cats, but he came home on his lunch break with a little fluff ball of a cat! The boys helped me pick out her name today from a whole list of literary names…Daisy it is! (To be honest, I think it was because it was the only one they could pronounce.) ;)

It never ceases to amaze me how much he spoils me, and how much he loves me. :)

1// Shopping haul! I found a backpack for the trip, and managed to add a few splashes of neon into my wardrobe!

2// Ironman movies with the boys. We saw Ironman 3 with the family on Mother’s Day, so it prompted the boys to want to watch the older ones.

3// Daisy! She’s stayed curled up with me and follows me around the house and fluffs up at every shadow. It’s ridiculously cute.

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naninana noni said...

oh this kitty so fluffy and adorable! love your typography style a whole lot, stopping by from the link up...many greetings noni!