Some days I really can’t believe how big my boys are getting. I just had the realization that they will both be over FIVE in a few months. Where did the time go?

So I realize I have to, have to, hold on to those little moments.

The moment where we find Po, finally, after a few weeks of searching the house.

The moment where Jackson learns how to write his name.

The crazy, outlandish, silly faces that Derik can make.

The joy they have over cherry pop-tarts (I decided to be a spoil-your-kids mum today), and their own apples.

The new and exciting flip flops without the “baby” strap to keep them on.

The smallest things make them so happy; it doesn’t take much. It makes me wonder why or how we lose that as adults. Why we’re so caught up in what we think are the important things in life, that while they might be necessary or important from one standpoint, we can miss those little things, like the funny faces and the giggles.

Find time to notice those moments. :)

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