:: My Etsy shop has picked up this week! I’ve had a bunch of custom orders and several print orders! I think I live at the post office sometimes, but it’s awesome! I’ll have one more shipping day before we go on vacation, so if there’s one you’ve got your eye on one, you’ll get it shipped out before I leave. My shop will still be open, just shipping times might be a little slower. And if you’re local, I’ll refund the shipping charge and we can meet up!

:: A mini shopping spree, everything on sale! I needed a new bag for the trip, and wound up with a pair of sunglasses, a neon scarf, a neon shirt and a new wallet. Oh, and the bag I was after! I haven’t saved up money to do that for a while, and while I didn’t spend a ton, I had a good time picking everything out!

:: The boys counting down the days until we go to Nana & Pop-pop’s house…every morning, the first question they ask is when we’re leaving.

:: The She Reads Truth study on Nehemiah is really good, and I’m really enjoying it. :)

:: Plans and hopes and dreams. :) 

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