Little Happy Things is one of my favorite posts to write so I wasn’t going to just bump it since I didn’t post yesterday. Here are some of the things that made me happy this week…what about y’all?

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:: Starbucks Happy Hour! We treated ourselves yesterday and got half price frappuccinos. They brought back the Mocha Cookie Crumble, which had CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM. Yes, please. Diet? What diet?

:: Finally being over the stomach flu. I think everyone has gotten over it now, including me. Being sick off and on for two weeks was not fun.

:: Making the final plans for our trip back east! We have even more lists and things to do and suitcases to pack but it’s almost here! The boys are pretty exciting about flying on the airplane, which I’m hoping will still be fun after 7 hours of it.

:: I can finally share this now…my Sweet Caroline print was noticed by someone at the Broad Institute at Harvard/MIT and they will be using it at a fundraiser they are planning, raising money for The One Fund Boston. It will actually be seen by people that helped during the bombings such as law enforcement, and I was told it may even be sent to some of the victims! I had no idea my little drawing would get seen by so many actually involved, and I’m hoping that together, we can raise a bunch of money for The One Fund Boston! 

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One Response to “LITTLE HAPPY THINGS NO. 16”

Lydia said...

Congratulations Jordan! That's such awesome news!