I love to travel; I’d love to visit all 50 states someday! And I have a dream that someday I can see some of Europe, especially Ireland and Paris, and I’d love to visit New Zealand one day! I think part of the lure of out-of-country travel is having a stamp in my passport…which I don’t have. One day, right? For now, my travel wishes are a lot more simple…I’d love to see more of California (so much I haven’t seen!), visit the Seattle and Portland area, and see more of the South! We’re heading to Delaware soon to visit my family, and here are some things I wish I could bring with me!

1// Merona Cover Up ($19.99) – It’s always nice to have something comfy to throw on after a trip to the beach…this one is so cute!

2// Anthro Construct Maxi Dress ($78) – This looks like the perfect travel dress. It takes 7 hours worth of flights to get back to Delaware, and being comfortable is key.

3// Skinny Stacking Rings ($11/1) – I am in love with stacking rings, and these are perfect.

4// Leather Ballet Flats ($75) – These soft leather ballet flats are gorgeous and look so comfy!

5// Initial Tags Necklace ($27) – I love Junghwa jewelry…saving up for this necklace from my Etsy sales so I can get my boys’ names stamped on it...I think this will definitely be my first piece of her jewelry but it's so hard to's all so gorgeous! :)

6// Handmade Leather Travel Bag ($159) – This bag. I’m currently looking for something to take on the plane that will hold all my junk…my laptop, camera, headphones, the boys’ snacks…this bag is gorgeous and looks like it would fit the bill! One day…

P.S. Switching Listy List day to Wednesday, and making the Inspired By posts a rotating feature. These are my favorite posts to make, so I’d like to make them a permanent feature! 

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