I love to cook. And I love getting new things for my kitchen, and I have standby favorites that you can always find there. This is a list of the best of both…the things I have and love, and those that I’d love to try or add! And trust me when I say I’ll do repeats of this listy list…I’m always on the lookout for new kitchen items and always excited to share my favorites!

1// Mrs. Meyers Clean Day ($3.99) – I switch up soaps a lot based on what scents I feel like, but this has been a recent favorite! The scent I love is Lemon Verbena…it’s so light and refreshing! Target has had it on sale for $2.99 recently!

2// Weck Juice Jars ($24 for 4) – I love juicing but it’s a bit of a pain sometimes because you have to clean it right away. With these, I could juice for two days and keep it fresh in the fridge!

3// Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones ($17) – If you know me, you know I love ice cream. Luke got me this book for Christmas, and it is my favorite cookbook. Ever. The Salted Caramel recipe is my favorite ice cream on the face of the planet, which is shocking because I’m a chocolate girl. Trust me, it’s that good.

4// Kitchen Towels ($.79/ea) – How can you beat the price! They wash great, and I use them for everything! I buy 10 of them every time I go to IKEA.

5// White Truffle Salt ($25) – I’d love to try this…I love truffles (the chocolates too, but I’m talking about the pungent mushroom variety here). Haven Gastropub in Orange has these truffle fries that I actually dream about.

6// Blue Bottle Coffee in Giant Steps ($ 17/lb) – our favorite coffee. We’re out currently; I need to order some more!

7// Birch Paper Straws ($6/144) – these are adorable! I’d love to use them for a party!

8// French Rolling Pin ($12) – I need to get a new rolling pin, and I prefer the ones without handles. The one I have now has handles, and they pop out of the center of the rolling pin all the time! So irritating. I think Target has this same pin for only $10. 

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Mary Beth // Annapolis said...

Keep them coming!!!!! I LOVE my kitchen and finding new indulgences for it...working at anthro is absolutely no help. ;-)