My friend Mallory (talk about going back to roots…she a friend from my Civil War Ball days!) suggested the theme of “Roots” for today’s Inspired By. I immediately loved the idea…lots of things fit under that theme!

And, I’d love to hear what y’all would like to see here in future Inspired By posts! Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!

First, the obvious roots: plants! I am not the best with plants outdoors, because I’m not much of an outdoors person. But indoor plants? I’ve got that! I have this awesome greenhouse window over my sink which I envision filling with succulents and herbs, and I just bought some air plants to tuck around the house. (You can follow along with my succulent obsession here.)

Hair roots? I have those right now. Since going blonde, I have realized just how crazy fast my hair grows. These hairstyles are inspiring me right now, and just might convince me to change up from the cut I always get. (And you can follow along with my hair and beauty picks here.)

Last but not least, my roots. My small-town, Southern (if you ask anyone in Sussex, we’d say we’re southern, and World Book calls Delaware “the smallest southern state.” Take that.), redneck roots. Luke told me recently that he misses my accent…when I first met him I didn’t even realize I had one! California kind of has a complete absence of an accent. I told him I still had it; it was just buried and I didn’t let it slip as much. I’ve gotten more relaxed and it slips out more and more again, and I even let a real-life “y’all” go when I was visiting Luke at work the other day…and the guy from New York laughed, because he didn’t think anyone actually used that word. I then proceeded to explain the full “y’all” range, including “y’all all” and “y’all’s.” He now thinks I’m from the backwoods of Hicksville. ;)

So as a little bonus, here’s a freebie…a Hey Y’all desktop background for y’all. :) (Just right click and save to your computer!)

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One Response to “INSPIRED BY // ROOTS”

Jo's Mom said...

You'll have to use "wooder" in place of "wahter"... that'll bring back the Slower Lower accent real quick and in a hurry! :-)

Practice up... You'll need it in a couple of weeks!

Mom :-)