Many of you know, photography is my first love. I was always “borrowing” my parents’ camera when I was little, and took most of the family vacation pictures long before I had my own camera. When the interest never went away, my Uncle Dave (not an uncle, lol, he’s my grandmother’s cousin, but in my family, anyone related but older than you gets a title like Uncle or Aunt) found me a used Minolta SLR film camera. I still have it. I still love it. The lens is buttery soft, and my love for film runs really deep. I’m still on the lookout for specific film cameras! I took a class in high school and fell in love even more. And the first Christmas after we were married, my husband bought me my digital SLR.

I drive my kids crazy taking their pictures, but they’re starting to get a love for it too, always borrowing my iPhone or asking if they can use my “big” camera. I love passing my love for it on, I love savoring those little moments that a photograph captures in time and pixels forever. The beauty of a perfectly arranged plate of food; the ocean’s power frozen in time; my boys’ belly laughs caught.

Here are some photographs and sites and things that inspire me! (And here's my Pinterest board with even more!) Share your favorites…I love finding new sources of inspiration!

Spilled Milk is a blog I discovered recently. It’s a group of 19 mothers who photograph bits of their lives with a theme each post. I went through every post and was so inspired. I might even try and follow along with the themes.

This photographer always inspires me. :)

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Mary Beth // Annapolis said...

I went and checked these out...thank you for the inspiration!!!!! I am aways looking for new people to stretch my imagination...