Photo Miscellany & Boston Prints are Up

Today is Photo Diary day, and while I don’t have a theme like last week, I still have a few little moments for y’all. And somehow I didn’t manage to catch any good pictures of Jackson this week…he’s over the whole “mom is a photographer” thing. I have to sneak them in. :P

Derik has pulled out the bin of trains again and has played with them non-stop lately.

Risotto is extremely satisfying to make. We love it with pork chops marinated in citrus and with pan-roasted asparagus.

In shop news, the sweet Aurora bought a couple of my prints, and this is how she has one of them in her living room! So cute!

AND, last but most definitely not least, I have my “Sweet Caroline” print up for Boston. ALL of the profits are going directly to the One Fund Boston, a charity started by the governor and mayor where the proceeds help the victims of the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. I hope you will consider buying one, and I’m also trying to find the best way to auction off the original…I want to raise as much money as I can for this! And please, pass it along…Etsy has a variety of sharing buttons! You’ll get a print, and help out Boston at the same time! 5x7s are $10 and 8x10s are $18, plus shipping. 

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