We kicked off the weekend by Luke getting off early on Friday, although I still had to grocery shop. But I ended that with a delicious panini from Panera Bread (it opened about a month ago and I am SO happy we have one here!) and a movie with the brothers 

Saturday we went to see “42” with the family…what an inspiring and incredible story! With boys, sports are a big deal so this movie will probably be talked about for a while, but let me tell you, even though I’m not as into sports as they are, this movie would keep  anyone captivated. Jackie Robinson was a brave man, and the story of Mr. Ricky and his dedication to getting Robinson in MLB and their faith was incredible to see on the big screen. Definitely a “go and see” in my book!

Derik has been a bit sick this weekend, I’m guessing the stomach flu, so him and I stayed home on Sunday to rest and recover. I got in some snuggle time with my littlest boy so maybe there are some advantages to being sick. Jackson and Luke went to church and then to lunch afterwards, where Jackson talked Luke’s head off about the movie, and why he didn’t like certain foods, and planning where he wanted to go the next time Derik is sick. He did bring Derik and me each a cookie though. ;)

The other thing I managed to get done was upload all the prints I’ve made to my Etsy shop! Now I’m all caught up, and just need to figure out the best way to keep things going and the best way to list custom work, like blog headers. If you’ve got any suggestions for stuff you’d like to see, let me know!

How was your weekend? Linking up with Mary Beth over at Annapolis & Company

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Mary Beth // Annapolis said...

MY kind of weekend! Movies and resting...plus a book and some baking too. :) The boys are getting so so big, Jordan! I hope I get a chance to meet them some day. P.S. We are trying to pay off our debt and then we're going to be saving for a trip to California....probably sometime in 2014. I'll keep you posted!!!

Jordan Boesch said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come see us!!!! :D I want to meet your little munchkins and see you and meet your awesome hubs and take you to the beach and I need to stop and breathe. ;) So yes, PLEASE keep me posted! ;)