:: Had some exciting news about my Sweet Caroline print and I have to wait for it to be more final to share, but something is in the works!! It’s so exciting to have something take off…

:: Thankful that us being sick meant that I got lots of cuddles with my boys. :) But really, stomach flu, I promise I’ll cuddle with my boys just as much WITHOUT you, so you can go away now.

:: Getting excited about our upcoming trip to Delaware…we have a running list of all the food we’re going to eat that we can’t get here. I’m starting with a chicken cheese steak from Al’s, eating lots of chipped beef and gravy and scrapple sandwiches, and chicken and dumplings. Oh and seafood! Of course we’re excited about seeing all our family too. ;)

:: Sewing some new skirts! I found this amazing gold and white striped jersey at Walmart of all places, and made a maxi skirt so comfortable I want to live in it! I need to go get more and save it for when I lose weight and need to make a new one! They are so much fun to make and I want one in every color.

:: Working on my fitness seriously again, and I’m down another 5 pounds! :)

P.S. Today is the last day I’m running a special in my shop. Use the code INSTAGRAM and get 10% off! :) 

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