Little Happy Things No. 14

This has been a really busy week for me; I’ve been home only a little bit of each day since Wednesday! I like to get out a couple of times a week but all day everyday is a bit tiring! So I’m happy to just relax today for the most part, although we will be seeing “42” in a little while, the movie about Jackie Robinson and then spending the evening with brothers, most likely playing Xbox (them) and uploading Etsy prints (me).

(via...I'm dreaming of the ocean lately...ok, always.)

:: Making a schedule…and sticking to it! I do not like schedules, and never really have, but the older my boys get and the more things we start or try to keep up with, the more I realize how helpful they are. Now, mine isn’t a strict minute-by-minute schedule, more like a “today I need to vacuum and write this blog post and do this school thing” kind of schedule, but it’s more than I’ve ever scheduled before, and it’s working beautifully. And I feel more sane. Also, my daybook has Hello Kitty on it. Win win.

:: Feeling a lot more creative lately. Believe it or not, scheduling has something to do with this…by making sure all my other stuff gets done, and actually writing on the schedule the creative things I want to accomplish for the day, I’m finding that I write down all the ideas I have in my planner, and then I actually do them, and by doing creative things, it makes me come up with even more ideas! I even painted with oil paints for the first time this week, and I L-O-V-E it!!!

:: Having Luke tell me that he was excited to see me posting more on my blog…because he had missed reading it! That’s the number one stamp of approval right there, folks. :)

:: Baseball season! I’m not a keep-up-with-every-game kind of girl, but it’s probably my favorite sport to watch, and I love going to games. I’m an Angels/Giants fan, which I’m guessing makes me officially a Cali girl now. 7 years ago before I married Luke, I would have never guessed I’d say I’m a baseball fan (or any sport, for that matter) but there it is. When you have 9 other sports-loving brothers in addition to your husband, it rubs off.

:: “Meeting” some new readers! I’m so glad to have you here!!

What are some of your Little Happy Things this week? 

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