I thought today I'd share some of my absolute favorite can't-live-without art supplies.

I love love love this paper. It’s heavy, super smooth, and really white even though it’s recycled! All of my typography art gets produced on this paper!

This one is an addiction passed on by my mom. She’s always used these pens, and they are by far the best pens, with the blackest ink. My favorite sizes are 05 and 08, but I’m kind of in love with the brush pens for loose, sketchy writing, and for filling large areas.
These are a basic essential, and I usually drop mine on the floor or in the dirt the minute I get it, but they are the best erasers out there.

Another one from my mom…she did an art class in which she needed to use oils, and tried these out. I don’t think oils are her medium, but I’ve been playing around with them and I’m really starting to like them. The drying time is long, but that’s actually something I love about it.

I’m not one for fancy pencils. These are my favorite, and a dozen of them are less than six bucks. Which is great, because I lose them constantly. 

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