Listy List // Get in My Closet!

This probably won’t be a weekly feature, but a “whenever I feel like it” feature. I love lists, so sometimes I’ll do a fashion post, sometimes home, sometimes whatever I feel like!

Today’s Listy List is eight things I want in my closet right now. Some of these are pipe dreams, but a girl can dream, right? I’m trying to update my wardrobe with a consistent look and style. I recently looked through my entire “Wear” Pinterest board, and decided that my style is girly, with a tiny bit of preppy and a little bit of grunge thrown in. For example…I’d wear this whole outfit, girly tutu and all, with some motorcycle boots, and the striped bag for the touch of prep!

So here’s my list…tell me what you’re wishing was in your closet!

1// Laptop Sleeve Bag by Better Life Bags
2// C’est Si Bon Tank by neenacreates on Etsy
3// Black Tulle Skirt by fanfaronada on Etsy
4// Beaded Sweet Pea Coral Bracelet by junghwa on Etsy
5// Tiny Globe Earrings in Charcoal by tinygalaxies on Etsy
6// Twig Bracelet by Leif Shop
7// Edelweiss Tulle Tunic by Anthropologie
8// Hunter Coral rain boots from Neiman Marcus

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2 Responses to “Listy List // Get in My Closet!”

Mary Beth // Annapolis said...

I love all your closet things! But especially the top from Anthro. I stumbled upon it at work the other night and I love all the details...can't have too many tiny embroidery details in my book. :)

Stephanie Ford said...

Love the tulle skirt, the pea bracelet and the twig bracelet! Lovely blog, I am now following. :) xx