Inspired By // A Little Bit of Everything

This is a series I'm going to be doing each week (Lord willing...and internet willing!). I want to share the things that inspire me! This week is a little bit of everything, but I think next week I'll plan a design-oriented post! So here's what is inspiring me right now...what about you?

She Reads Truth - I actually found this through Instagram, but they are a blog/devotional that encourages women to read Scripture together and encourage each other! And even better, they make all their devotional plans available through YouVersion, my favorite iPhone Bible app! You can set a reminder for each day, read through the devotion and then through all the Bible verses! I've loved every second of their current plan, on prayer.

Favorite new blog - Casey Wiegand over at The Wiegands! It's creative, touching, artsy, encouraging, and obviously inspiring! And she just posted pictures of an airstream they have that is giving me the travel bug. Bad.

The Publish shop is now open! I have loved working on the designs with Christa and the shirts are soft!

This nightstand DIY by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess! I totally need one, especially with the pen holder...I'm thinking if I can't convince Luke, I'm going to have to learn how to use a saw!

THIS Pinterest board....can you tell I am craving the ocean? I've told Luke we can move anywhere he long as it's close to the ocean! We're an hour away right now and even that seems a bit far...

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