Desert Walk

We've been enjoying the weather lately, and I've been shooing the boys out of doors to ward off the cabin fever that comes along with winter. We're being careful because the neighbors said there are snake holes in their yard, so we're sticking to the patio and driveways, but we get out and walk as much as we can! They love exploring the desert...yelling whenever a rabbit comes along, visiting the sheep at the end of our road, trying to outrun each other and collecting "treasures" along the way. For boys, that means little pockets full of sticks and rocks. :) 

On this particular walk, we inspected the Joshua tree pods that are left after the flowers fall away, they drew "ant roads" with sticks (road for ants...of course!), and stopped frequently to empty the sand from their shoes. We were disappointed when the mailbox was empty though, silly mailman forgot to bring us any, according to Jackson. We talked about bugs, and about how I had to get them (and mommy) matching new sketchbooks so we can start nature journals. We soaked in the warm evening sun and enjoyed the breeze, and I think that sometimes the desert can be a beautiful place. :) 

:: Just a note...I'm doing my best to get a blog posting schedule made up, and to stick to it! I want to bring you all lots of new features, including how-to posts and inspiration posts, and occasionally downloads! This is the first new feature for my blog, a Photo Diary once a week (fingers crossed!) of what we've been up to lately! Let me know if there is a specific post you'd like to see, whether it be a feature or something you'd like me to do a DIY on! 

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