Food, Recently.

I mentioned last time that I finally have a working oven again. That means that in the last couple of weeks I've baked and made everything we've been missing. The only thing that really bombed was a cheesecake I attempted. I've never ruined a whole cheesecake before, but I've done it now. Take two next week! :P

Food has always interested me, and lately I've enjoyed learning more about it and eating healthier. Most meals I forgo wheat and dairy and a lot more experimenting and trial and error. One of Luke and my dreams is to one day open doughnut food truck. It'll sell more then that, more baked goods and coffee, of course. So I always test out recipes and tweak and create my own...this week I'm trying to make a scone version of brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts! 

Here are a few foodie photos I've taken recently...the first one is a happy accident...I had a turquoise shirt on that reflected onto a metal bowl and created that weird green effect. But it's of one of my favorite things, blood oranges! And those biscuits...Bobby Flay, we love you forever! Black pepper biscuits smothered with gravy! 

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