Randomness About Me

So I was nominated by my friend Mary Beth for this fun little quiz...eleven random facts about me, and eleven questions that she asked her nominees. I'm always down for random factoids! 

So...eleven random facts about me:

1/ I am an unabashed chocoholic. I once cried as a little girl because the ice cream was vanilla and not chocolate. Not particularly proud about that moment, but Luke claims vanilla can still make me cry. (He is joking...as long as there is chocolate sauce...)

2/ I hoard art supplies. 

3/ My hair grows faster than I think is awesome. Most people would be thrilled about their hair growing as fast as mine does, but it's actually fairly annoying! A haircut grows out in around 4 weeks for me! I guess that could be good news if I got a bad haircut, but I have the best hairstylist around! 

4/ I used to wish my eyes had stayed green, the way they were until I was two. But I kind of like my brown eyes now. 

5/ I can never get enough water to drink. I drink around a gallon a day! 

6/ I LOVE crime/murder mystery shows on TV. I attribute this to my Nana, who also loves them. My current favorite is Castle! 

7/ Peach/Coral is my favorite color. 

8/ Pretty much every piece of clothing I own is either black, grey, peach, or turquoise. 

9/ I would love to own a cafe/bookstore one day. 

10/ I love the satisfaction of coming up with a solution to a problem that would have cost a lot to fix any other way. Recent example: found Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint for $6 to redo all the door handles and bathroom light fixtures in our house! 

11/ I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to do laundry. Crazy, I know, but I do. I am so excited to finally be getting our own washer and dryer this year! 

NOW, for her questions...

1/  If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I love the city...LOVE the city. Luke doesn't, so I can't imagine we'd ever live in one, but I would love to live in a city like Denver or Seattle. Other than that, I'd move to Carlsbad today if I could! 

2/  What’s been your most embarrassing moment to date? Ohhhh, boy...I decided to "dress up" when we went to Victoria Gardens recently (a big outdoor mall), and wore my adorable floral wedges. They are actually the most comfortable heels I own, but wedges plus cobblestones equals lots of falling on your face. I fell down around four times before Luke marched me into Payless to buy a pair of flats. 

3/  What is your creative outlet? Drawing, sewing, brainstorming. I love creating! When I need to feel more creative, I put on a favorite movie (usually Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) and sketch away. 

4/  What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter...Luke made it for me while we were double checking our taxes!

5/  What makes a good friend? Someone who will listen to you, and someone who knows what you need before you do. 

6/  What has been the most important day of your life? I'd still say my wedding day, after 6 years. :)

7/  Do you prefer to love or prefer to be loved? A hard question, and not to sound selfish, but I love when Luke does little things that show me how much he loves me. :) I love doing those things for him too, though, so is it a cop out if I say both?

8/ Fear aside, what is the one thing you wish you were brave enough to do? I wish I was brave enough to say "Let's go on a cruise" ....Luke would love to go on one, but I'm terrified I would be sea sick the entire time. 

9/ Who inspires you? I draw inspiration a lot from movies. Ever since Sleeping Beauty when I was young, the special edition that had the Disney artists drawing the beautiful scenery at the end of the VHS tape. I'd watch it over and over again. 

10/ Do you feel most invigorated when you spend time with other people or being by yourself? It depends. I'm somewhere in between a homebody and a social butterfly. Some days I just want to curl up on my couch, other days I want to just be around people! 

11/ Please finish this sentence…I wish I had known… how hard being an adult was. Bills and taxes aren't exactly the most fun! But I think I'd just tell my younger self not to be so eager to grow up, not to always stay a kid. There's so much I'd never want to miss! Except the bills and taxes. 

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One Response to “Randomness About Me”

mary beth // annapolis said...

Awww...Jordan! I loved this! All of it. The wedges had me dying laughing inside. I just decided to get past being a mom and wear some real live grown up wedges to work a couple weeks ago. Only problem? My shift was for 4 hours. Dumb. I ended up with the worst blisters and could barely make it to my car after that. Haha! And how true what you said at the end. There's things I wish I had known would be hard about being a grownup, but there's a heck of a lot I wouldn't want to miss too! Thanks for sharing, friend! I want to write you a letter now...