A Week Away

We're a week away from Christmas, can you believe it? We got our tree at the end of last week, and the boys were so excited to decorate it! We did it up in blue lights and all the ornaments we own. Usually I pick and choose which ornaments to use each year, but this year they got so excited about decorating it, and insisted that I use them all. So we have a very eclectic, but homey tree. :) 

And Luke, this picture doesn't count, because we can't see your face, so I'm not deleting it. ;)

Derik wanted to see every single ornament before they got put on. (Jack didn't want me to take pictures of him, and the ones I do have are blurry, from him jumping up and down. He doesn't quite get that you have to hold at least somewhat still.) ;)

Decorating a tree is hard work! 

Our shopping is almost done, stockings are hung on our mantle, glitter is finding its way all around our house, and the boys are counting down the days. We've started the baking and candy making. Luke had a brilliant idea for dark chocolate bark with roasted pistachios and I topped it with sea salt. Out of this world I tell you! I have a list of things to make almost a mile long (and I'm going to have to start doing extra exercises) but I'm excited to make the things I only make once a year, like my Mom Mom's fudge. I need to wrap all the presents and the boys are slyly offering to help, because they know their presents are in my art room, tucked away where they can't reach them. It's amazing how fast they pick up on how to be sneaky. ;) 

I'm as much a kid at Christmas time as the boys. I love waiting for Christmas morning for presents, which drives Luke crazy because he has a hard time keeping presents a secret. The trays of Christmas goodies are really tempting and it's the one time of year it feels okay to sneak a few extra cookies. (Again, guess I better start putting in a bit more exercise time!). I love the anticipation and this is going to be the longest week ever! 

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One Response to “A Week Away”

Lydia said...

Yay for seeing a glimpse of Luke! ;-) Merry Christmas to you all!!