Bits & Pieces

Thanksgiving Edition! Jackson wanted to borrow my camera, and he took photos while I made pie. Derik was taking photos with my iPhone, though most of his are blurry and pink...fingers in the way! He surprised me, he held the camera very carefully and listened closely when I explained how to focus and shoot the picture. When I finally got my camera back, I had about a hundred pictures of not only pie making, but also the TV, his water cup, looking outside the front windows, and his lunch. I loved seeing everything through his eyes.

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3 Responses to “Bits & Pieces”

Jo's Mom said...

THAT is totally awesome! Go Jackson!

And Derik too! He'll get the hang of it!

Love, Nana :-)

Lydia said...

He did a good job! Happy Thanksgiving!

LadyM said...

He captured the moment!