Soaking up the Beach

We spent Monday through Thursday at Carlsbad...such a relaxing and needed vacation from life in general. Our campsite was on the cliff, overlooking the ocean and there is nothing better to this beach girl than waking up early in the morning, even when I'm not a morning person, with a bit of fog and climbing out of your tent to the ocean. The sounds, the smells, the waves in my hair. Hot coffee, sharing the morning newspaper with Luke's grandfather, getting in lots of reading, and boogie boarding and the awesome feeling of really catching a wave. The excitement of my boys, seeing the ocean for the first time, running towards an oncoming wave and running away before it could touch their toes. Derik learning that water isn't really all that bad. It's always the little things that are the best. :)

I'll be back later (when I've got a better internet connection) with more photos, including tons of my adorable niece Kaylynn! 

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