Little Happy Things No. 9


We had quite the week, and right now I'm just glad it's a new week, with no mistakes yet. (Oh Anne of Green Gables, you had it right.) I'm hoping for calm, some extra money from the yard sale we're holding this weekend, and no daredevil children this week. ;) Here are some little happy things that have been getting me through lately. :)

::The weather has finally started cooling off. Now, "cool" here and "cool" elsewhere are two completely different things, but what I mean is that it hasn't been 108 lately. We're pretending it's really cold by keeping the swamp cooler running and wearing sweatshirts at night. 

::Between the cooler weather and limited internet I've been reading a ton. I just finished reading The Mysterious Benedict Society series. Yes, I know they are kids' books but they were good! 

::I'm attempting to get back into sewing. Not just curtain sewing, because those are easy and basically just a big rectangle. I used to love to sew clothing so I went through my fabric bin and cleared out what I won't use and packed it up for the yard sale, and determined I had lots of fabric to make my niece some cute little coats, providing they turn out. Next on the list is to hit the new JoAnn's fabric store and see what I can find to make a dress for myself. 

::Baking…something about approaching fall makes me want to bake a lot. I'll actually be back today or tomorrow with a recipe for the best chocolate chips ever. I don't say "best" lightly, they really are the best. Promise. You will probably all hate me for posting this recipe because they are that good that you will want to hoard them and eat them all yourself. I know I do. Luckily, this time around I made them for a church potluck and therefore had to give most of them away. Although there are still about a dozen in my fridge, waiting to be baked up.

::I have a FIVE-year-old now. I really cannot believe it. He is the sweetest boy and learning so much lately that he surprises me. And his most favorite thing to do right now is talk on the phone…the sweet little conversation he had with my parents last night gave me a heart melt. He remembers so much too, like that he got his carseat a long time ago on one of Nana and Pop-pop's visits, or that we went to Golden Corral with all the uncles a while ago, or which stores we visit have the carts with cars attached. We haven't had his and Jeremiah's birthday party yet (their birthdays are a day apart) but maybe this week and they've requested a Boston Creme Pie. 

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3 Responses to “Little Happy Things No. 9”

Lydia said...

Hope the little guy's stitches heal quickly and you have a relaxing week!

Jo's Mom said...

Nana and Pop-Pop enjoyed that conversation with Jack also! tell him he can call us any time he wants!!! And we're are very glad that Derik is healing up from his attempt at mountain climbing and/or flight. (Not sure which?)

Love reading about your daily Little Happy Things!

Love, Mom :-)

mary beth said...

I love your happy things posts! Keep 'em coming! Life goes too fast not to remember the little things...