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We can't get "real" internet (i.e., unlimited, fast, wonderful, etc etc) here, just the hotspot from my phone. So sorry for the lack of posting, but last month we ran short on internet and I couldn't get on as much as I would have liked. Someone (coughmecough) went a little crazy on Pinterest too early in the month.

So here are some bits and pieces from the last few weeks...

This one is from a while ago, but it's one of my favorite shots ever. And I love clams.

I may not love the desert, but I do love the desert skies.

I love coffee. And I've been trying my hand at latte art. 

Derik and Jackson love taking silly pictures on my phone.

I found this gorgeous dresser/credenza for free on the side of the road. How could I not bring it home?! Needs some work but I have grand plans for it. 

Coffee shop treats. I didn't get any, but they were too pretty not to take pictures.

This is from a while ago, but I found it when I was cleaning out my phone. Sometimes you just need a nap. And sometimes the best thing to do is lay down right where you are.

Someone turned FOUR! And his Uncle David turned 9! This is the first year that Jackson understood they are the same age for a month, and he was slightly disconcerted that Derik is HIS age. I reassured him it's not permanent and he's asked me every day when his birthday is.

Those aren't clouds. There's a huge fire raging in the Angeles National Forest and the first day of the fire the smoke cloud filled the entire sky. (Don't worry mom, it's nowhere near us.)

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One Response to “Bits & Pieces”

Jo's Mom said...

Don't worry, Jo, I had already checked Google Maps to make sure exactly where that fire is! :-D

Wish we could be there for the boys' birthdays! And yours and Luke's too... We miss you guys!

Mom :-)