My boys are growing up.

They are getting so big...I can't believe that in 10 days Derik will be four (we were watching Michael Phelps win his 7th gold medal of the Beijing Olympics when I went into labor with him, and I told Derik that. He calls him Mimal Wells. We watched him win a few more this year!). And just a month after that, Jackson will turn 5! Where in the world does the time go?! 

We are going to start school this year; it's not "official" because we don't have to register as a homeschool until next year but it's a good practice year for me. Both Luke and I were homeschooled and we're so excited to be able to start teaching our own children. :)

I took these a few weeks ago in my studio and they both kept asking to switch to the black wall! No, the white wall! I think they are cute no matter which wall they're standing in front of. ;) 

These are getting blown up and framed for our hallway...they have got to be some of my favorite pictures of them ever! (And mom, these aren't the full-sized images, if you want them I'll email them to you when I've got decent internet sometime.) 

P.S. Christmas is coming up...I'm going to have a photo shoot deal coming up soon! :)

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2 Responses to “My boys are growing up.”

Jo's Mom said...

Yes, yes, I do. Please e-mail away!

Love ya!

Mom :-)

Kate Donovan said...

AHHH!!! They're SO CUTE!!! I can hardly wait to see you all again! (Wish we could just take off work and fly out! You know how that is... )

They are getting SO big.