Things, Old and New

So new things first:

I've started a new venture that promises to be very exciting! I've loved graphic design since I was a girl (just ask my mom, I started a new "magazine" probably every week.) and am constantly doodling typography quotes. So I've combined it into a graphic design business and Etsy store to sell my quotes, and support my Etsy-buying habit. So visit my website and Etsy shop! And please bear with me as I get both going, because with limited Internet access it takes a while to upload everything. I'm working on it a bit each day!

This belongs in the category of old and new. It's new to me, but old. Our realtor's father-in-law recently moved to a smaller retirement home and had some furniture to get rid of. Since she helped us find our house, she knew we had a house that was almost completely empty! It's amazing how what felt so tight in a 950 sq. ft. apartment looks bare in a 1900 sq. ft. house! So she offered me this gorgeous hutch that needs a little TLC and I jumped at the chance! It's going to look amazing in my inspiration room, filled with wonderful art supplies! For now I'm going to stain the outside darker to match the cute little chair I picked up, but I may end up painting it white or gray. But the inside is where I'm going to have fun...I'm going to paint it pink!

The color is "Amber Rose" by Valspar, and these are the cutest little jars ever. They had a wall of beautiful colors in tiny clear jars at Lowes, and I wanted to buy them all.

Finally, in the realm of old news, we are still working on our library, but I'm so tired of waiting for it to be finished that I decided to show you guys some progress photos! I am loving the way it's turning out, and cannot wait to fill those endless bookshelves with a sea of books! Although as many boxes as we have, I still think we will have some empty shelves! All the more reason to go buy more books, right?

We filled all the flat walls with bookshelves!!!

To give you an idea of just how tall these are, I can only see into the fourth shelf from the bottom (I'm 5'3")! I'm going to need one of those amazing library ladders! (Cue the girly squealing.)
P.S. The couch is the Karlstad from IKEA, and yes, I know, "But you have children!!!" It has a removable slipcover that you can throw right in the washer. Also, NO FOOD IN THE LIBRARY!!! ;)

We picked a hand-blown pendant for the center of the room, complete with an Edison bulb! I will take another picture so you can actually see what it looks like, but for now, here's the artsy shot. ;)

Apart from all this, we've just been trying to stay cool (so far, not working. It's going to be 105 today. I take an average of 3 cold showers a day.), finding new recipes to grill outside (I'll share soon!) and enjoying the few days off that Luke had over the 4th. What is new or old with you guys? 

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One Response to “Things, Old and New”

Jo's Mom said...

Hey Jo!

Finally a use for that little jar of pink paint!

I must have gotten inspired by all this constructing and de-constructing... I tore the living room apart on Saturday, and am in the process of putting it back together! :-D

Plus, we tackled Kate's property and attacked Miss Beth's bathroom. All in less than a week!

Have fun painting!

Mom :-)