Little Happy Things No. 9


::It's a little cooler this week. It has been so hot lately that it's been almost impossible to sleep but last night it was in the 50s. Of course that doesn't stop it from being warm during the day but at least I am sleeping again!

::The response to Hey There. design has been so amazing! Thank you all for checking it out and sharing posts, etc. You guys are awesome!

::Finally finishing one of the bookshelves and getting our books out of the garage. Almost all our books fit on the single shelf...which means we have a lot more books to buy to fill our library. Which is ok with both of us. There has also been talk of a rolling library ladder...

::Feeling so inspired lately. I love that feeling...and I need to get to an art store for some supplies before the feeling passes, and get some new notebooks to fill with random scraps of writing.

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2 Responses to “Little Happy Things No. 9”

Jo's Mom said...

I could probably send you a box of books if I tried hard enough! :-D

Yes to the ladder. And yes to art supplies!

Love, Mom :-)

Kate Donovan said...

THE CRAAFT STOOORE.... *yay* GO TO THE CRAFT STORE. (You know you want to...)