Thrifted Goodies!

So I didn't have high hopes for thrifting out here. Last time my family was here, my sister and I went to the Salvation Army and Goodwill in Victorville, and it was kind of a bust. My mom and I were determined to find some good places and treasures, so in between coats of paint we snuck out to various thrift stores here in Apple Valley, and a few in Hesperia.

The first up was the Senior Citizen's thrift store, and I had high hopes. I wasn't let down - they had quite a bit of furniture, and several really good pieces, but we only had our car, and we were being selective. Then I spotted it...a little mid-century caned barrel chair! Only problem? No price. After hunting someone down, she stuck a $30 price tag on it. We were all prepared to walk away when she said "You know today is half-price day for furniture, right?" We dragged that little chair right on up to the front desk! (AND we managed to get it in my car!)

Next was a place that ended up being closed, but we went back later that week. Then we stopped by one near my old apartment that had some stuff, and also some ummm, quirky, people running it. Nice, but quirky. But we found two giant picture frames for a steal.

We went back to the place that was closed, and I found an amazing GIANT super-duper-whamadine-heavy mirror! For TEN DOLLARS! It's about 4x6' (haven't properly measured it) and has that pretty old smoky mirror glass. It BARELY fit into the SUV my parents rented. And I'm surprised me and the guy selling it could lift it. (Did I mention it's heavy?) It's currently parked in my living room, waiting for a spot in my bedroom, and a few strong brothers and husband to move it. ;)

(My awesome little chair and the big picture frames! No mirror picture yet, because it's currently reflecting the renovation mess in my living room.) ;)

Mom and I did find a neat little antique shop in Hesperia, but learned that thrifting over there is pretty much a bust. The Salvation Army had lots of stuff I'd consider buying, but their prices are astronomical. They were charging $300 for a mirror a little smaller than the one I'd bought, and the frame was damaged! Huge waste of time! Although I found a wire basket for $3 so I bought that. Carriage House Antiques is always fun to look around it, so we stopped there too, and found a few little frames.

Luke's going to have to watch out though, because I've been bitten by the thrifting/antiquing bug again! Now that I know there are some good places here, hopefully I'll find more treasures!

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One Response to “Thrifted Goodies!”

Jo's Mom said...

It's fate, Jo... the "junking" gene was withnyou since birth. You come from a long line of thrifters!

Now we need pics of the spruced up chair!

Love a!

Mom :-)