What We Did on Summer Vacation

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The 3,861st trip to Lowes and we still don't have everything.

Staycation Renovation

You know those TV renovation shows where they come for a few days and tear the house apart and then put it back together again, only cooler? Well, we're in the middle of one, minus the TV cameras, with the added thrill of a 3 and 4 year old. 

My mom and dad are here from Delaware (mom is helping write this post!) and I had a small list for dad to help Luke with. That turned into a few major projects, many lists, and many more trips to Lowes. The boys are finally starting to build things with their new toys tools. The little boys want to help paint or cut or hammer. Mom and I are sneaking out to thrift stores and antique shops while the paint dries. ;)

Our main projects are painting three rooms and building bookshelves in our "library" room. The first room is the boys' room, which we haven't started yet. Next is the "red room," and I'm going to have to stop calling it that. The previous owners had halfway painted that room (rather, it looks like they turned a 5 year old loose with a paint roller) a garish shade of red, with a half-painted mauve wall thrown in for good measure. It's on the ceiling in spots, and dripped onto the molding. So we are using lots of Kilz. 

(This is the pre-Kilz room. Yikes!)

The biggest project is the library. We painted it navy blue and dad and Luke are building floor-to-ceiling white bookshelves around the room. 

(There's a reason we didn't paint the whole wall, don't panic. 
There are going to be bookshelves in the tan parts eventually.)

This has been a sneak peek of our week so far; stay tuned to see how it turns out! 

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