So happy.

And busy. But really really happy. 

We're moved in. I'm still trying to get boxes unpacked and books at least moved into one room and extra clothes put away somewhere. And the initial house cleaning is wearing off so back to that. But we are loving our house! I'm getting used to where everything is in my kitchen, and getting used to using an electric stove again (one day we'll replace it with gas, but not until this one breaks or we remodel the kitchen). I'm planning on what colors to paint what rooms, and where to hang artwork (and how I need a LOT more of it!) and deciding what furniture to put where (and how I need a LOT more of it!). 

The projects have been fun too! So far we've replaced the door handles on the outside doors, the shower heads, a toilet, the garbage disposal and drains, a bazillion lightbulbs and the water spigot handle so we can water our new fruit trees. And they (and by they I mean mostly Jon, Luke's brother) took apart the ceiling fan in our room to find out why the light wasn't working. And we have a ton more projects to go. 

In sort-of house-related news, we got a dog too! We have been wanting a dog forever, but living in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs kind of puts a damper on that. The whole clan of us (all but two of the boys and Luke's mom and even Matt and Julie and Kaylynn) came to the shelter with us and we looked at all the adorable dogs, and Luke wanted to bring home half the shelter, but we kept coming back to a pretty blue pit bull. She was so friendly and so good with all the kids so we decided she was the one. Her name is Alice (after Alice in Wonderland, of course!) and she's about a year and a half, loves the boys to death and loves her new backyard!

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3 Responses to “So happy.”

Lydia said...

How exciting! So happy for you guys!

Jo's Mom said...

Can't wait to get out there to see the new house... but most of all, to see you and Luke and those grandboys!!!

And to meet Alice! :-D

Love ya!
Mom :-)

Lita said...

So excited to hear about your new house and especially your new family addition! Pit bulls get such bad rap but they are really some of the sweetest dogs out there (just not so chummy with other dogs, sometimes). You probably already know, but they rank higher on the "people-friendliness" test than golden retrievers!