Little Happy Things No. 7


Well, apart from signing a few remaining papers, we have bought a house. We should be getting the keys in a day or two. We are pretty darn excited. :) So to celebrate, here's a list of happy things right now. (The only thing that won't make the list? Packing.)

::Things costing less than you expected. When buying a house, almost everything costs WAY more than you thought. But to have something cost less? It's like Christmas. 

::We can now say "our house"!

::Planning which rooms to pain which color, and where to put our furniture. And organizing my new kitchen is going to be FUN!

::Finding a new mascara that lasts forever.

::Finally losing a pant size! It was so exciting to buy jeans a size down!

::Changing our address! I've always loved getting mail so I'm pretty excited to have a mailbox to walk out to!

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One Response to “Little Happy Things No. 7”

Jo's Mom said...

We're excited for you guys! Can't wait to see what you do with the house to make it your own!