Little Happy Things No. 6


I swear one of these days I will be more consistent in writing my blog. But with everything going on right now I'm guessing now is probably not it. ;) Until then, I'll keep trying. 

::Having fun with trying new foods. I've had duck, romanesco broccoli, persimmons, and basil mayo in the last month or so and loved all of them! 

::Valentine's day. It's almost as good as Christmas to me, and this year a big bouquet of flowers showed up just like on our first Valentine's day, SIX whole years ago! I am very spoiled. :)

::Buying a house. I guess this isn't really a "little" thing, but it's a very happy thing! We are smack in the middle of it right now, with the inspections finally set for next week. We could use lots of prayers that they all go well, but we have high hopes and are so excited to move! 

::The new plant sitting on my windowsill. I bought him at IKEA yesterday and I'm already thinking he needs friends. He keeps me company while I wash dishes. 

::Painting mugs with porcelain paint! I need more dishes to paint. 

::New matte nail polish topcoat from Hard Candy (at Walmart). It's awesome. 

::Derik yelling last night when I picked him and Jack up from grandma's house: "You're my mommy! Hi mommy! My mommy!" 

::Making time for reading and drawing. 

::Making lists. 

::Planning out how we're going to decorate and update our new house. :)

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