Little Happy Things No. 5

I so enjoyed the holidays this year! And even more fun was seeing Jackson and Derik so excited about Christmas. :) They've also figured out how presents work now, and ask almost every day when their birthdays are, and remind me about certain things they'd like. Top on the list at the moment are Cars 2 Lego sets, "the ones with Finn and Holly, mom, ok?" :)

::My new kitchen appliances and cookbooks! Luke bought me a fantastic Kitchen Aid, in exactly the color I would have picked! I want to use it constantly. If anyone wants to come over and bake, and then TAKE HOME the stuff we make, hit me up. ;) My parents got me some cool new cookbooks. And Luke's parents bought me a deep fryer. We've made doughnuts, french fries, doughnuts, and fish and chips. And more doughnuts. And mostly I'm feeding them to other people, so I can stick to my New Year's Resolution. ;)

::Drinking fresh pressed juice from a jam jar. 

::The photo-a-day project I'm doing this month. It's on Instagram (clicking that will take you to the app) and when I'm finished I'll post them all here. :)

::Exploring houses with my boys. :) We're finally starting to look for a house! It might take a while or it might not, and we've found some we like and some we don't. It's so much fun to look! I decorate each house we go through in my head, and there are a few right now I can't seem to stop daydreaming about.

::My inspiration wall above my desk. 

::Finally losing 10 pounds. (Actually, 13.) I've been working out really hard lately, so I can hopefully meet my goal of 40 pounds this year, and I would love to completely blow that number away. Less doughnuts, right? ;)

::Stocking up on new art supplies (Sharpies! Graphite pencils!) and sketching more. 

::Making a conscious effort to read God's Word every day. 

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One Response to “Little Happy Things No. 5”

Jo's Mom said...

Love your lists of Happy Little Things, Jo! Love you too!

Mom :-)