Christmas Photo Special!

It's that time of year again...almost Christmas!!! I love it so much. I've been asking Luke every few days if it's too early for a Christmas tree. (He said it was, but I'll keep trying!) I've been drinking tons of hot chocolate, it's finally getting cold enough here for soup and scarves (although I'm not putting away my flip flops yet) and Disneyland is already decorated! (If you're feeling low on Christmas spirit, all you have to do is get yourself to Disneyland anytime after Halloween. If that doesn't give you some, you are beyond all hope.) 

Anyway, every year I love to run a special on my photo sessions around Christmas time. Family photos are always a good tradition to have, although Luke and I tend to be camera shy so we try to do pictures of Jackson and Derik. I'm doing their session soon so look out for that! 

The special I'm running this year is $15 off each session when you and a friend book together. The sessions don't have to be on the same day, you just both need to mention who you're booking with. You can book the session for family pictures or senior pictures or headshots or anything else you can dream up! Engagements! Maternity! Just because! To find out more about the session, click on the FAQ at the top, and remember to get a friend to book with you to grab the deal! 

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