Sunday Little Happy Things No. 1


I'm starting a new installment of posts here. I'm one of those people who tends to stress about everything and not always be as happy as I should be, even though I'm so richly blessed. So I've decided that once a week, I should write those things down, no matter how small they are. :)

::Waking up on my birthday. I'm 24. I still love birthdays. :)

::Hot chocolate, to pretend it's fall here in SoCal. 

::The hugs my sweet boys (all three of them) give me. 

::Jackson reminding me that I forgot to kiss him goodnight.

::Derik says "thank you" for everything, even if it's just putting on his socks.

::Luke spoils me way too much. 

::Fresh juice from my new juicer (see above).

::Farmer's market with my shopping buddy Jackson. 

::Disneyland. I love it so much. And I've seen World of Color like 3 or 4 times and still cry.

::Freshly painted nails. 

::Dishes all done.

::A new CD

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One Response to “Sunday Little Happy Things No. 1”

Jo's Mom said...

Hey, Jo! I missed this post!

Awesome idea... Count your blessings! You're one of mine!

Love ya!
Mom :-)