My Big Boy is Four!

I can't believe that my sweet Jackson is four years old! He finally understood this year what birthdays were all about and knew that the day before he was three and that on the 14th he turned four. 

I told him that since it was his birthday he could choose a movie to watch. Derik has all sorts of suggestions, such as Spiderman or Iron Man or various other superheroes, but Jackson decided on Alice in Wonderland. Derik was not happy with this decision at all but Jack declared that "it is my birthday, and I will choose the movie, because it is my birthday." :P Derik was ok with the movie about two minutes into watching it. 

Birthday pancakes! Jackson wanted Captain America pancakes just like Derik has for his birthday. 

And Derik had a fun time singing "Happy Birthday" to Jackson all day. He just knows the "happy birthday" part so he sang it over and over and occasionally threw in "to Jackson." ;) 

My little man is growing up and there's not much I can do to stop it, but I'm enjoying every little moment with him before he gets too big. I'm thinking about trying to find some sort of grow-stop potion or maybe a big jar to keep him in so he doesn't get any bigger, think it'll work? We still have to have his party and we're not sure what his cake will be yet but I'm sure will be either a superhero or car of some sort. ;)

I love you Jack! :)

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One Response to “My Big Boy is Four!”

Jo's Mom said...

The "no grow" potions don't work... I tried, and look at you and Kate! All growed up! ;-)

Love, Mom