I've been having fun trying to take more pictures just with my iPhone. It's amazing how good camera phones are these days. My first digital camera was only 3 megapixels; my iPhone is 5! I also have a roll of film in my old Minolta SLR right now, and can't wait to finish and develop it, especially since I have two rolls of a new type of B&W film waiting for me! As much as I love digital and the ease of snapping away and then chimping away (photographer's term for sneaking peeks at the lcd screen), I learned on film and in college I took a class and fell in love with the darkroom and black and white film. It's my dream to one day have my own darkroom. So anyway, I'll share those when I get them developed (as well as the rest of the wedding I shot...I've got three rolls of film from it too!), but for now, here are some recent iPhone shots of my boys. :)

They love the Incredibooth app on my phone. They actually ask me to open it so they can take pictures, and of course Derik's Po (his hippo) has to get in on the action. ;)

We went out to breakfast at IHOP last week and they had such a good time (and loved their face pancakes!). The new thing for them is the "cheese" face :P

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One Response to “everyday”

Jo's Mom said...

Looks like Grandma held them still for a haircut! Rub those fuzzy heads for me!

Luv, Nana