Derik is three.

Yes, my little boy turned three and I can hardly believe it. He has been hilarious lately, he has such a crazy little personality and goes from running around crazy to helping his big brother bring me something to curling up on the couch sucking his two fingers (still trying to break that habit!) telling me he's tired. And after refusing all week to say that he was three and insisting that he was two, Luke convinced him on his birthday to show me later in the day that he was three! He tried to show his Nana when she called too, but alas, he doesn't realize that she can't see through my iPhone all the time. ;)

Luke's mom and I made a Captain America cake for his birthday since we saw that movie the same day. It's a Marvel movie, same as Spiderman and Derik thought we from the comic book intro that we were watching his favorite movie. ;) He screamed "SPIDERMAN!!!" at the top of his lungs in the theater. ;) Don't worry, Captain America was a big hit too. 

Derik and David share the same birthday, just 5 years apart. Three candles for Derik, and eight for David! (And David shared his birthday even more by letting Jack blow out his candles.) 

My big boy :)

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One Response to “Derik is three.”

Jo's Mom said...

Kiss that sweet birthday boy for Nana! And don't worry... by the time he's married he won't be sucking his fingers anymore.

Mom :-)