Finally! My blog is almost the way I want it!

I've been tweaking for a few days now on my blog's design, setting up new pages, and drawing pieces for it, but I think I'm finally *almost* happy with the way my blog looks! I've been wanting to create some new branding for my business, and really didn't want to go the "typical" route. I have always loved hand-drawn, sketchy art and typography and decided to incorporate that into my design. I still have things I want to do, such as get a .com for my blog site so it's easier to find, finish the pages, and then create new business cards and packaging, as well as update my Facebook page. So lots of work cut out for me!

For now, here's a picture of my adorable boys! They discovered the photobooth app on my iPhone and now constantly want me to let them take pictures!

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One Response to “Finally! My blog is almost the way I want it!”

Lydia said...

Great changes Jordan! I love how you found a way to take likes and loves that can be common but make them your own!