Some Shopping

So right now I'm procrastinating...I need to go through my camera bag and get everything ready for tomorrow's wedding so a quick post and then off to do that! 

Luke took me to IKEA last week and it was so much fun! I could have bought out the store but only bought a few small things for now. We want to get some of the big furniture out of the way before we buy some smaller things. We test drove the couches (I really like the Karlstad in sivik dark gray) and I found bookcases to replace ours eventually, and I think Luke liked going through the kitchen area. I can see in my head what individual choices would look like together, but Luke likes to see it finished and together, so the little finished kitchens were neat to see! I wound up buying a large stainless steel bowl which I've been needing for a while (and at $7, I'm going to buy more next time!), a funnel set ($.99!) and a ton of dishtowels for $.80 each and they have turned out to be the best dish towels I've ever bought! 

Yesterday I hit Ross looking for a dress to wear to the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow. I found one I love, but even more exciting, I didn't realize how great the prices were for home goods! Huge framed mirrors for $40, chairs for $100 and under, and leather ottomans for $40! Here's a few things I found...

(This little velvet chair caught my eye. It would be so cute in a dressing room/closet area and it looks gray in the picture but it was a pinkish-brown color. It was originally $250 and at Ross was $99)

(These lamps I LOVED. They are mercury glass on the bottom and the left one is my favorite. The left lamp has a silver-toned base, the right one is gold-toned. They were originally $75 each, for $27 each)

(And this lampshade! I think it was selling for $15 at Ross.)

So yes, I was excited to see things like these at Ross, and will definitely go back when I'm ready to buy some smaller pieces for my house! They also had huge planters for around $10, gorgeous throw pillows for $5 to $10 each, so much more. Who needs a candystore when you've got Ross? ;) I have a feeling I should never be let loose in a HomeGoods store. 

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2 Responses to “Some Shopping”

Mary Beth said...

Ok. LOVE the chair and the mercury glass!!! All good picks. Have you guys had any progress with buying a house? Said a prayer or two for you guys with Luke's job when I am praying for our house. Have fun at your wedding...can't wait to see pictures!

Jordan Boesch said...

We're still saving for our house and we will probably at least be here for another 6 months after the current lease is up. I would move tomorrow but Luke is a little more patient than me (and probably more level-headed about getting a house). ;) I've been looking though and my next job is to find out about how much a payment would be on different priced houses so we know the range we want to look in. Thanks for the prayers! =)