digging in the dirt

The boys have been enjoying our (albeit tiny) backyard ever since the weather got warm enough for them to play! They got new boots too, which are pretty much the most exciting thing ever right now. I would love to plant grass back there, but considering we won't be here forever, I don't want to put that much work in. I'm pretty sure the boys prefer the dirt, since obviously dirt is way better to dig with spoons and fill their dump truck with! ;)

They've hit the "super-cheeze" stage now...which basically means anytime I point a camera in their direction, they make a funny/too cute/cheesy/crazy face and then pretty much before I can snap a picture, want to see it on the screen. This goes for cell phones and videos too... I have to be in super-stealth mode to get a picture! I was fast enough to snap these two pictures though; aren't they getting so big? I can hardly believe that this year they will be THREE and FOUR!

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One Response to “digging in the dirt”

Jo's Mom said...

Nana and Pop-Pop completely approve of this post, and would love to mooch on those super cheesy faces!