The perfect end to a good summer

(Some very dirty boys! They were playing in a puddle made by our a/c dripping in the backyard!)

We're finally all settled in our apartment, and our air conditioning finally works. That's a plus, right? Lots of other things have happened since we moved...Derik turned TWO YEARS OLD (my goodness, that's hard to believe!), and my family came to visit! It's been two years since they've been out (right after Derik was born) and we had a blast!

(Stolen from my mom's Facebook! At Molly Brown's restaurant, which is one of our favorites for breakfast out here! Derik was flirting with the waitress, like he always does!)

We spent a whole day up in Big Bear, which came complete with Old Miner Days (they used to mine up there, gold I've heard!) and an outhouse race. Yep, you heard me, an OUTHOUSE race. These things were pushed by four people and it was taken very seriously! I found a great little cooking store up there, with a delicious coffee and treat bar, where I just had to try the homemade marshmallows sitting out on their counter! So good! That is definitely the kind of cafe I'd love to have eventually!

Labor day was a lot of fun too! We spent the whole weekend with Luke's family, enjoying family and food (with boys, what else would you do?!). We even got our fantasy football league started, which we're doing for the first time this year! I'm in it by default, because they needed an 8th player, but I have to say it's been a lot of fun so far! We all gathered around with every computer we could gather (a few of us had to share, and we even had a laptop hooked up to the big screen tv as a draft board), and we all drafted our teams! I own the Apple Valley Cowgirls, and last night my quarterback got me a lot of points (Drew Brees!)! We'll see how my team fairs after all the games are over Monday night - wish me luck, because I'm up against Luke's team this week! (P.S. I never would have dreamed I'd ever know this much about football! ;-) That's what you get when you marry into a family of all boys!)

I hope you have all had great summers! The last few weeks have been the perfect end to ours, and I'm so happy fall is almost here! The weather the last two days has been amazing, crisp and cool! I'm so ready to wear sweaters and see the (few) leaves we have here turn!

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2 Responses to “The perfect end to a good summer”

Jo's Mom said...

We had a great time out there, Jo!

Love those dirty faces!

Mom :-)

Cheryl said...

I love the dirty face pictures!

And Happy Birthday, Jordan! (I've never met you, but I know the rest of your family, and I've read your blog from time to time. Does that count? :-)