Boys and Toys

(Derik and Jack's cute little feet)

We're moving again (found a much cheaper apartment that is miraculously 200 sq ft bigger) and I'm contemplating decorating. Granted, I probably won't be doing a whole lot in the apartment, because we hate having to fill picture holes and repaint walls every time we move, but once I get a house I will for sure be painting up a storm, among other things! Since I have pictures of my little boys' adorable little feet, I figured I post some of the ideas/pictures I have come across for decorating kids' rooms! (And keep in mind that while these all float my boat, the movie Cars is what floats my kids' boats so most likely we'll have walls covered in "LiMcQueen" and "Mater," which is just fine by me too.) ;-)

From design*sponge - I do like this kids room a lot and I will definitely be painting one wall in their future room with chalkboard paint!

The rest of these are from Anthropologie's website. I love old-fashioned toys =)

I like these letters, I'd put one for each of them on the door, in their initials. And I think I could totally cut these out myself from some sheet metal.

This is more for me than the boys, lol, seeing as they haven't really gotten the hang of coloring yet, plus their crayons were ruined in the flood and we haven't bought new ones yet. But these coloring books are amazing and I want to color in them! They are open-ended, just an outline and you fill in the rest! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Another one for me, seeing as I don't have a little girl. Clothes! Coloring!

And this book is amazing. I have a copy of The Little Prince, but this is a pop-up version! I've seen it in person and it is beautiful. And this is mostly here for my mom, who cried each and every time she read us this book. (That, and Pooh Bear too, when Christopher Robin goes off to school. I'm sure my time is coming, when I will suddenly start bawling when reading to Jack & Derik and they will look at me like "what on earth is the matter with nutso mommy?!" but they will understand when they have their own kiddos.)

Last one, the Babar the Elephant books. These were some of my favorites as a kid and I most loved when we'd get the French editions from the library and slowly translate them into English with my mom. =) I need to start a collection of these, stat!

Well that's it for now, but I have plenty of ideas for all my other rooms too so I'll be sure to share those! Do you guys have any kids-room-toys-books-etc stuff you love?

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2 Responses to “Boys and Toys”

Jo's Mom said...

Hoorah for little boys' feet! And chalkboard paint!

I saw some of the doodle coloring books at Barnes & Nobles last time I was there... there are lots of them. In the kids' art section. Amazon has them too!

Love ya!

Mom :-)

Jordan Boesch said...

I did look on Amazon and they had them under the "used" section, and there were some that hadn't actually been used for about $2! I think I might have to get some eventually!