I'm not talking about a corner of a house here or a little cranny. (You know, "nook & cranny"?) I'm talking about the most amazing booklover's thing ever. The nook, by Barnes & Noble. Luke and I bought them for each other for Valentine's Day, and I have to say we both love them to death! There are other e-readers out there, and I know they're probably really good too (Amazon's is neat too, and I hope to one day get my hands on an iPad!), but this one really caught our eyes. Lots of features, touch screen, and holds lots of books while still being small and the ability to expand the memory. (If you ever saw our actual paper book library, you'd understand why we'd need lots of storage on our nooks!) I won't explain every detail about them: you can find out all you'd ever want to know by clicking here to go to Barnes & Noble's site!

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Jo's Mom said...

Hey Jo! These doo-hickies DO look neat! Mr. Denis was here with his new iPad, and even though I'm not a gadget person, I was starting to think of all the things I could do with it...

Love ya!