The Happiest Place on Earth

I'm talking about Disneyland, of course! ;-) Luke and I bought season passes this year as birthday presents for each other and we went a little while ago together, but last week Luke's entire family was able to go through the "Give a Day, Get a Day" program Disney ran. We made tons of baby blankets for Project Linus and Disney gave each of us a ticket to Disneyland! (In case you're wondering, if Luke's entire family was to pay for tickets, it would cost over $1200. YIKES!) Needless to say all the boys were super excited (the youngest to have been to Disneyland was Nathaniel, and he's 19) and thrilled to get there after the drive down. Noah & Jackson were convinced the buses taking us into the park WERE the rides at Disneyland. They all really had a great time, and we didn't lose anyone! ;-) The older boys favorite ride was Splash Mountain, and the little guys liked them all!

I'm always amazed at the details theme parks put into everything. Each "world" in Disneyland had little things that made it more believable, like the heart tiles in my picture from the Alice in Wonderland area, or trashcans that look like wood in Critterland, for example. I tried bringing my big camera (since my little point-and-shoot is MIA) but as is always the case, I'd much rather enjoy myself with my family when it's something like Disneyland which won't happen again for a long time than worry about taking lots of pictures. You wind up missing out on so much - there really are times when you put the camera down and just enjoy life, and when your little brothers and two little boys are having fun on Dumbo, so should you. ;-) Vacations really are for relaxing and enjoying the memories that you make with your family. =) With the occasional picture thrown in. ;-)

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