My boys =)

My two little boys aren't so little any more! They're 1 1/2 and 2 1/2! They both talk up a storm, although Jackson talks more than Derik these days and makes more sense too. We watched "Cars" a little while ago today with all the East Coast grandparents and friends and family over Google Talk, and Jack gave them a very detailed blow-by-blow. He tells me all the time what he likes and doesn't like (he likes grapes, cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, crackers, ice cream and cake) and retells stories he remembers ("the car went beep, Jon fix waywer [later]" and "mommy at growry store, be back waywer."). He tries to keep Derik in line, try being the operative word.

Derik is running, not walking, most of the time, and carries "Po" around everywhere with him. Po is his Hippo stuffed animal from Margaret, and he won't go to bed without him. He says lots of words too, mostly revolving around food, but he throws "mom" and "da" in there every now again for good measure. Derik definitely has quite the personality - he is a little character and knows just what to do to look absolutely adorable to get his way.

I think they are both absolutely precious and adorable, although I may be [slightly] biased...

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2 Responses to “My boys =)”

Kate said...

AWWW! Such good pictures! :-) And the whole "Derik knowing how to look adorable to get away with stuff"... what can I say? He's a younger sibling, and we are just so cute that it's almost ridiculous. *grin* I KNOW these things. :-)

Hehe. You should know all about Jack trying to keep Derik in line... at least the part about how it never works.

Jo's Mom said...

Nana Kim just stole your pictures!